Watch The Mayor of London's Culture Seeds film about 'The RENA INITIATIVE PRESENTs: tHE wOwc' PROJECT

The RENA Initiative is a Community Interest Company founded by Mellezia to Recognise, Empower and Nurture Artists (RENA) from marginalised and underserved communities.

  • We believe in art for all.
  • We intend to establish free visual arts programmes in marginalised and underserved communities worldwide to improve mental health and wellbeing, increase social equity, tackle social isolation and build strong, resilient communities.
  • Through art, we are the possibility of a world where all people are connected, empowered and valued.
  • Our mission is to transform art galleries and institutions into inclusive, welcoming spaces that reflect diversity in their imagery, artists and employees.

‘The RENA Initiative presents: The WoWC (Women of White City)’ is an art and befriending project for women – and gender identifying women – who are older, social isolated or unemployed. Through art workshops and social activities, we create safe spaces for multigenerational participants to make new friends, feel visible and valued, improve their mental health and wellbeing, and share their life stories through the medium of painting.