"I create to inspire, empower and enlighten."

When I am asked, ‘how did you do that’ or ‘why did you chose to paint in that style’, I’ve noticed that a polite half smile and shoulder shrug is an unacceptable response. As is, ‘I don’t know’. So now I answer with a mysteriously alluring single brow raise and slight head tilt. So far this seems to be artsy enough to be deemed acceptable. The truth is I have yet to find the words to articulate what happens when I sit in front of a blank canvas with painting supplies to my right, a reference image to my left and gospel music in the background. Here begins a mystical journey of discovery that is equal parts challenging and thrilling.

My vibrant paintings are usually created using acrylic and mixed media on cotton or linen canvas. With each new work there is always the thought of, ‘Where will this piece take me?’ I begin with childlike excitement and wonderment. Inevitably there comes a point where I ‘hit the wall’, doubting myself and my ability to complete the piece. Then there are moments where I feel like my brain is going to explode and the only way to reboot is to take a nap. Once over those hurdles, I experience a euphoric high where I’m so inspired that downing tools at midnight seems like undeserved punishment.

Whether portraiture, landscape or abstract, each subject elicits its own style and energy. That energy combined with my curiosity to discover and share the character and story behind the image, generates an organically spiritual process that produces a unique piece of art. I have often been told that my portraiture ‘captures something special that isn’t in the photograph’.

Creating art is my sanctuary, my meditation, my peace. It is where I experience serenity, excitement, calm, vulnerability, balance, doubts, freedom, joy and satisfaction. It is a place of contemplation and reverie. The creation process is a space where I exist beyond myself and my circumstances, a space of constant growth where everything is possible.

My art is for everyone who appreciates raw, organic, eclectic creativity. My art is for those with the desire to discover the story behind the imagery. My art reflects my connection to and compassion for humanity and nature, a memory or experience. I create to inspire, empower and enlighten.